Combined Boat (RMDL) & Jet Ski (PWC) Licence

Doing your Maritime Safety Queensland, and Qld BoatSafe approved combined RMDL (Boat licence) and PWC (Jet Ski) course couldn’t be easier. This course will provide you with the basic knowledge to safely manage a recreational vessel on the water and additional knowledge specific to operating a personal watercraft.

Our online boat and jetski licence course incorporates videos, interactive theory learning and multiple choice practice quizes, completed at your own pace, where and when you want. Completion of your theory component is followed by practical training and assessment on the boat and your official theory assessment with your chosen BoatSafe Training Organisation, at your desired location.

What a Combined Recreational Boat and Personal Watercraft Licence BoatSafe Course Offers

This course covers theory and practical elements including the following units of competency:

  • preparing a recreational vessel for operation
  • applying international and state regulations relevant to the operation of a recreational vessel
  • assessing weather conditions and forecasts
  • operating mechanical and electrical appliances of a recreational vessel
  • manoeuvring a recreational vessel
  • applying safety management processes on a recreational vessel
  • equipment and preparing a personal watercraft for operation
  • legislative requirements
  • manoeuvring a personal watercraft.

How it works

  1. Select your desired provider/ location for your practical assessment.
  2. Choose the type of licence course you require:
    • Combined boat (RMDL) and jet ski (PWC) licence, or
    • Boat licence (RMDL) ONLY, or
    • Jet ski (PWC) licence ONLY (for existing RMDL license holders).
  3. Register and purchase your course from your selected provider.
  4. Complete the online theory course at your own pace in one session or over multiple sessions (progress is recorded so you can resume from where you left off each time).
  5. When you have completed your online theory course contact your chosen provider to arrange your practical assessment.
  6. Once competent you will be issued with your statement(s) of competency. These must be presented to Transport and Main Roads Queensland (TMR) within 6 months, upon payment of their processing fee you will receive your licence.
Combined Boat (RMDL) and Jet Ski (PWC) Licence